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Ryan Trahan net worth
Full NameRyan Michael Trahan
Date of BirthOctober 7th, 1998
Age24 Years
ProfessionYouTuber, Vlogger, Entrepreneur, Social Media Influencer  
Total YouTube Subscribers13.4 Million
Net Worth$8 Million

Ryan Trahan is a top American YouTuber who has become synonymous with success and innovation. With his captivating content, he has built an impressive fan following across various digital platforms including YouTube, and Instagram.  Currently, he has more than 13.4 million subscribers on YouTube with around 1 million followers on Instagram.

Trahan is also a successful entrepreneur and founded multiple businesses including Neptune Bottle, a water bottle brand, and Howdy Howdy, a clothing line. Courtesy of all these ventures, Ryan Trahan’s Net Worth in 2023 is around $8 Million.

The success achieved by Ryan at this young age is truly inspirational. Let’s take a look at the amazing story of Ryan Trahan and gain insight into how he has become a true icon of success.

Ryan Trahan income

Ryan Trahan Salary, Yearly Income, and Net Worth in 2023

How much does Ryan Trahan make a year? This is one question that is asked by a lot of his fans. It is not possible to estimate his exact salary and income. However, we know that his yearly income is impressive, thanks to his YouTube channel and other ventures. He has more than 13 million subscribers with billions of views.

On average, he gets 3 million views per day. Going by the monetization policy of YouTube, we can say that creators from the US get $2 per 1000 monetized views.  So, the expected income of Ryan Trahan is around $12,000 per day or $4.4 million a year.

Apart from YouTube, he earns significant amounts from other ventures as well. He has already promoted brands like Honey, Samsung, SeatGeek, etc.

Biography – An Inspiration Journey

Ryan Trahan was born on October 7, 1998, in Eagle Lake, Texas. He developed a passion for creating videos at an early age. In his early life, Ryan attended Rice High School in Altair. He then went on to attend Texas A&M University. He was a great athlete at the university and even won third place in cross-country running in the Aggieland Open competition in 2017.

He started uploading videos on YouTube when he was only 15 years old. Initially, he used to upload content on running competitions. His unique blend of comedy, informative videos, and vlogs quickly gained attention, and his channel started to grow steadily.

Ryan’s success on YouTube led him to explore other entrepreneurial ventures. He co-founded a company called Neptune Bottle, which focuses on providing sustainable water bottles. He also launched his clothing line known as “Howdy Howdy”.

Today, Ryan is considered one of the best content creators in the United States and a successful businessman. As per Trahan, his brand Neptune Bottle generated a revenue of more than $50,000 within its first year of existence. 

Full NameRyan Michael Trahan
Birth PlaceEagle Lake, Texas, US
Zodiac SignLibra
Siblings1 Brother
BrotherMathew Trahan
Relationship StatusMarried
WifeHaley Pham
SchoolAltair Rice High School
CollegeTexas A&M University
Weight68 Kg (150 lbs)
Eye ColorBlue
Hair ColorBlonde

Ryan Trahan Height

Ryan Trahan stands at a height of 5 feet and 9 inches (175 cm). Despite his average height, Ryan is a great runner and has a charismatic personality.  He proves that height is no measure of success, as he continues to reach new heights on YouTube and Business. 

Milestones on YouTube

Ryan created his YouTube account on October 27, 2013, and the rest is history. Within 10 years, he became one of the biggest YouTubers not only in the United States but also in the world. Let’s take a look at the growth of his channel.

DateNumber of Subscribers
October 27, 20130
January 29, 20191,000,000
July 4, 202210,000,000
August 30, 202313.4 Million (with 2.3 billion views)

Ryan Trahan Wife

Ryan Trahan happily tied the knot with fellow YouTuber Haley Pham in 2020.  They started dating each other in 2018. Just like Ryan, Haley is also a sensation on YouTube with more than 2.85 million subscribers. She has 985k followers on Instagram.

Together, they exemplify a power couple, supporting and inspiring one another in their individual pursuits. They often feature in each other’s vlogs and fans love them both. 

Awards and Nominations

In 2022, Ryan Trahan won the “Breakout Creator” award at the Streamy Awards ceremony. He was also nominated in the “Creator For Social Good” category.

Ryan Trahan Feeding America

Last year, Ryan Trahan started a fundraiser event for Feeding America. It is an American non-profit organization with a network of more than 200 food banks. These food banks feed more than 46 million people worldwide.

He innovated a unique plan to raise the funds. Trahan implemented a program called “THE GREAT RESET” to encourage donations. Under this program, if someone donated $50,000 to the fundraiser, Trahan’s earned funds would be reset to just one cent.

Additionally, Trahan offered a unique incentive for $100,000 donations. He allowed the donors to choose designs for tattoos that he would get on himself. Throughout the series, Trahan received three such donations.

Penny Challenge

In June 2022, Trahan began a month-long series called the “Penny Challenge”. The aim of this challenge was to travel from California to North Carolina to deliver a single penny to MrBeast. He used only the funds generated from the penny to complete the challenge.

To finance the challenge, Trahan engaged in various activities such as completing online surveys, mowing lawns, dog walking, and selling items like soft drinks, bottled water, golf balls, etc.

Ryan Trahan Merch

Ryan keeps on releasing new merch for his fans and followers. You can also buy them at howdyhowdy.com. You can find some cool-looking T-shirts, hats, and other accessories by Ryan Tarhan on the website.

10 Less Known Facts about Ryan Trahan

  1. Ryan Trahan is a college dropout. He left his studies to focus on his YouTube career.
  2. He is a former college athlete: Before diving into the world of content creation, Ryan was a collegiate runner.
  3. Ryan is very close to his dad and elder brother Mathew.
  4. He also has a pet dog named Spock.
  5. Currently, he lives in Spicewood, Texas.
  6. Ryan Trahan did not have a grandfather while growing up. In 2021, he made an agreement with Alicia, who works for Dr. Phil, through email. If Ryan’s channel surpassed Dr. Phil’s channel in subscribers, he would legally become Ryan’s adoptive grandfather.
  7. Ryan is negatively buoyant. It means he is unable to swim.
  8. During his penny challenge, he ate from McDonald’s every day.
  9. His most popular video is “I Spent 100 Days in the Metaverse” with 39 Million views.
  10. In July 2023, Ryan Trahan completed yet another penny challenge and raised over $400,000 for the nonprofit organization water.org.

Social Media Profile

YouTube ChannelSubscribers/ FollowersLink
Ryan Trahan13.4 Millionwww.youtube.com/@ryan
Instagram1 Millionwww.instagram.com/ryantrahan/

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Ryan Trahan a religious person?

Yes, he follows Christianity. In an interview, he said, “It is my source of Everything”.

What is Ryan Trahan’s Net Worth in 2023?

It is around $8 Million.

How did Ryan Trahan gain popularity?

He gained popularity through his entertaining and relatable videos which resonated with a wide audience.

How can I contact Ryan Trahan for business inquiries?

You can get in touch with him through ryantrahan@night.co.

Is Ryan Trahan famous on Instagram?

Yes, he has more than 1 million subscribers on Instagram.

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